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Bill Brown -  Bass And Vocals



  Bill Brown - Bass, Vocals

I started on my musical journey at the early age of six by taking piano lessons for eleven years( Thanks Mom). When in junior high I started playing trumpet and played the trumpet and baritone thru high school (G.W.H.S.). I started  playing bass guitar at the age of fourteen. The first band I played in was called Company and  we played the Park View Skating Rink on Saturday nights.

After playing in a whole lot of garage bands, I played with a local band,  Levi Whizz and then a road band, Star.  After being on the road with Star, I put down my guitar and  ran sound and lights for the band Afton.  When the bass player left Afton, I started playing bass for the group.  I left Afton in 1978 after  the birth of my son Robert and  stayed at home for a while with the new baby and my wife Pam.

In the mid 1980's I joined with Scott Thompson to form the band After Hours playing beach music in the local Danville Virginia area. In 1993 I joined Backstreet as bass player and vocalist.

Bill uses Ibanez basses, Smith strings, Ampeg bass amps and Shure SM58 mics.



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